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In this virtual session, we will build upon the discussion from our 2019 “Lead Poisoning in CNY” event. Precious time has passed for families who are enduring lead poisoning and now, with the addition of the pandemic, many government, medical and nonprofit organizations are still preoccupied with COVID-19. With two panels featuring government, medical and neighborhood experts, we will cover the progress that has been made over in medical testing and code enforcement, as well as the challenges Central New York may face moving forward.

By presenting this event, we hope to:

Identify outstanding issues and obstacles
Inform government representatives, funders and others of the current state of affairs
Re-establish momentum
Build renewed awareness
Form alliances


Commissioner Michael Collins
Department of Neighborhood Development
City of Syracuse

Ms. Oceanna Fair
South Side Branch Leader
Families for Lead Freedom Now

Dr. Indu Gupta
Onondaga County Health Commissioner
Onondaga County

Dr. Travis Hobart
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
SUNY Upstate Medical University

Ms. Darlene Medley
West Side Branch Leader
Families for Lead Freedom Now

Deputy Mayor Sharon Owens
City of Syracuse


Dr. Chris Bolt
Public Affairs Director
WAER Syracuse Public Media
Syracuse University
811 0503 4813
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